Hey, lovely souls! 


From full time professional dancer to creating a totally new career and surpassing my goals I am taking a moment to reflect on what accelerated this transformation….

Back in 2018, I hit the 'create' button on @veryjessica. I knew I had the natural gift of inspiring and motivating people and had been doing it for years through my work… My dream was to sprinkle a little more self-love and confidence around and that dream was born through my own struggles and experience… And although my heart was loud and clear about it, my fears were LOUDER. For a whole year, they had me on mute.I did not post a single thing.

2019.. With some loving nudges from some gorgeous souls.. I kicked off the SELF LOVE CHALLENGE. And, oh boy, the response was unreal. Seeing people respond was lighting me UP and I knew I was tapping into my purpose..


Still, life behind the screen wasn’t all sunshine. There were days when my overthinking and the whole “I need to be perfect” drama had me spiraling. I also regularly felt like an imposter… who am I to be sharing this stuff when I myself am struggling?? I was doing my best and yet it NEVER felt like enough. The pressure grew and posting became inconsistent..

At some point I started following Reese @yessupply and her mind-blowing chats about our subconscious. I was hooked but held back. Classic me. I had an inner knowing that this was the missing piece but a whole list of excuses as to why now wasn’t the write time…Oh self sabotage you are a joy.

Then, bam! 2020.  


As a performer on 'the cruises', our work came to a complete stop.I found myself pouring coffee and soul-searching.


With all the noise silenced, I finally listened to my heart and dove deep into the reprogramming world.realised my excuses were no longer valid. I ran out of reasons to not say yes to my dream... and at a time where i had no income... thats when i made the investment of my life. I said yes to the whispers in my heart. 


With a trembling hand I hit the buy now button on the course… and it sounds too cliche to say it but it’s true… that decision changed everything. I know it did. 

My humble blog started showing signs of something more significant - a genuine business.

 The turning point? My exploration into subconscious reprogramming. 

This journey helped me peel back layers of old fears and reconnect with my true self. I became so passionate about it, fully embracing each lesson. As I shared my experiences online, I was flooded with inquiries. "What exactly are you doing?", "Can you teach me?", "I struggle with people pleasing too, HELP ME?”

On Instagram, I had 180 followers. It might seem small, but each individual was deeply engaged and supportive. This was my community. Fueled by the techniques and knowledge I gained from the Yes Supply Method, I launched my "Meant For More" program (Shout out to the OG mfm babes!) and we went INNNNNN... I started to see the changes in people and it lit me up more and more...


Roll into 2021… @veryjessica has consistently helps people, is a legit business and guess what? I manifested a role with the incredible souls who started me on this journey – the dream team at Yes Supply! (P.S. That's a story for another day!)


So, looking back, it's been wild. From doubting myself big time to now guiding so many of you through your own doubts – it’s actually crazy.  And you know one thing I know for sure? Our journey is filled with ups, downs, and self sabotage… But when your heart whispers, lean in and listen.

Today, 2023, I’m here, filled with gratitude. From those days of doubting myself to now, the ride’s been epic. It's taught me that when in doubt, always trust your heart. It's got the map.

And hey, if you’re keen to jump onto this wild reprogramming journey, check out Yes Supply Method. Game. Changer. I truly wish everyone knew this work and reclaimed their power. If you want to check out YES SUPPLY via some free workshops I have listed my faves below! + If you sign up to the program you receive over $1000 worth of bonuses from me personally!

One thing I know for sure is you deserve to live your YES life, whatever that looks like for you. And I commit to continually seeking mine. 


Love you! Here's to your epicness. x


P.S: If you have any questions DM me, I love hearing from you!