Let’s cut the shit…

It’s time to stop shrinking.. Playing small…

It’s time to unlock your magic and live your biggest, most magical life.

I am Jess, the GO TO no BS energy healer and empowerment coach for leaders and souls craving freedom!
It’s time to unleash your unstoppable confidence and create the life of your dreams.
Move into your EMPOWERED season and STAY!
I am just a girl who for years kept shrinking. Kept hiding from my own magic… Keeping myself small, shrinking to fit in, overthinking, indecisive and lacking in true confidence.. Then one day I said YES. Yes to my BIG LIFE. I thought…. There has to be more than this.. So I started trusting my inner magic…. You are here because of that inner magic. That deep inner knowing that knows you are meant for more. Well guess what.. You are meant for more. The life you deserve and the transformations your crave are closer than you know. I AM ON A MISSION TO HELP YOU LIVE YOUR BIGGEST LIFE! 🧡 What are you waiting for? It’s time to go all in on the life of your dreams… and guess what… it starts with you.

My Services

As an energy healer, I offer online & in person services to help you access your inner magic and unlock your full potential. Through personalised sessions and powerful techniques, I'll help you to transform so you can live your best life.

Energy Coaching

GO ALL IN on your life and join me in one of my epic energy healing programs!

Healing Toolkits

Dive into healing work at your own pace!

Free Library

Grab your freebies babe. Full of big energy and transformations for YOU!

Work with me

Find out ways we can work together.

ASCEND: The Ultimate Healing Space

Join a group of epically aligned souls, with access to monthly calls with me, energy healing, hours of video content, audio library, 1 on 1 energy readings & a private community! 

The Activator

This is more than healing, it is an energy detox. You will finish feeling ON FIRE and in alignment having cleared stagnant & dense energy that has been holding your magic back!

AWAKEN: 6 Months VIP Energy Healing & Spiritual Mentorship

*Application Only
This is for you if you are ready to rise, to find your ultimate truth, to explore your divine feminine & work with your sexual energy to empower your essence!
Together we will journey far to awaken your soul, your truth & your power.

1 Off Soul On Fire Healing Sessions

Are you ready to transcend the limits holding back your true potential? Say goodbye to stagnant and dense energy that has been suppressing your magic.Don't let anything hold you back from living your most extraordinary life. Join me for this life-changing 90-minute session and unlock the magic that has been waiting to be unleashed. Get ready to embrace your full potential and step into a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

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